Call for Papers: M/MLA Convention Special Session – Serious Religion at Play

Please consider submitting to a special session titled: “Serious Religion at Play in the Long Eighteenth Century” at the M/MLA Convention, Nov. 3-6 2011 in St. Louis.

Serious Religion at Play in the Long Eighteenth Century

Throughout the long eighteenth century religion was still serious business, yet many began to “play” with the boundaries of religious expression. Evangelical movements like Methodism swept the country, but raised the spectre of religious “enthusiasm” in the minds of the some.  Religious subjects dominated public discourse as the nation sought to work through its religious identity. Papers could address any of the issues related to religious identity in England: how authors began to “play” with religious ideas, how “enthusiasm” was redefined during the period, how authors attempted to play with religion by making it absurd in satire, or how despite this religious play, there were still serious consequences for those who went too far.

Send paper proposals, 300-500 words to Andrew Winckles, by July 11th.

Chair: Andrew Winckles, Wayne State University

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