Introductory Stanzas

Introductory Stanzas 

Of Him, raised on Heaven’s stupendous throne,
     Beneath whose feet the sapphire pavement glows;
O’er who intensest splendours, dread, unknown,
     The beaming bow its milder radiance throws;
Around whose state, in bright attendance, close                                                             
     The full-toned choir of harping cherubim,
Seraphs, whose robes empyreal lights compose,
     And angels, breathing soft the’ adoring hymn: –
Of Him, Eternal, Infinite, Supreme,
 Fain would a mortal Muse, adventurous, sing;                                                                 
Him, for archangel minds too vast a theme,
     Who yet, when babes their meek hosannas bring,
Inclines with gentlest grace, and veils in Mercy’s wing.
Yet not that radiant, glowing, dazzling fire,
     All inaccessible, whose vehement flame
Bids finite natures from its beams retire,
     Enfolding, bright, the’ unutterable Name;
But Him who erst in veiled glory came,
     Revealing the Ineffable; whose might.
Raised o’er illimitable wastes the frame
     Of this vast world, and from essential light.
Kindled the morning stars, whose radiance bright
     In man, his favourite work, resplendent shone: –
The’ omnific Word, the Wisdom infinite,
     The eternal, in the uncreated Son,
To wandering worlds above, to man on earth made known.
Him, heaven and earth’s Creator, Saviour, Lord,
     Ruling in might the realms his hands have made;
In mercy as in majesty adored,
     Life’s author! by the grave, by death obey’:
The Omnipotent, upon whose shoulder laid
     The keys of everlasting empire rest:
Messiah, in whose hallow’d form, display’d,
     Shone forth Jehovah’s glory, unrepress’d
Even by the veil it wore; whom Heaven confess’d
     The mighty God; confounding every foe
Whom earth extoll’d; Emmanuel, ever bless’d,
     Who, man to save, and hell’s dark hosts o’erthrow,
Stoop’d from essential light, to live and die below.
Him would the minstrel sing, might Heaven inspire
     With holy ardours of adoring love,
Attune to loftiest themes a lowly lyre,
     And distant, emulate the choirs above:
Him, while his chariot wheels triumphant move
     Where rolling clouds and rushing whirlwinds sweep,
Pursue with sacred awe, and, reverent, prove
     His mighty Presences on the surging deep;
Attend, till, lo, the boisterous billows sleep,
     Soft at his word, in gentlest calm subside;
Till earth, renew’d, her glorious sabbath keep,
     The tranquil Church o’er stormless waters glide,
And wondering worlds adore Messiah magnified.
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